Stacker /Pit Puzzle Car Parking Systems

Everything in this world started with innovation and the basic Ecreations which paves path for new inventions . Stacker Parking System is one of the oldest but time proven parking system , most prevalently used across the globe , quenching the needs of the clients . This system is so sturdy that it is suitable for exterior or interior installation . It is designed to stand the temperatures varying from - 40 to + 50 . The Hydraulic System makes it more efficient and economic as the power consumption is very low due to retrieval with gravitational force .This system is equipped with all safety features to avoid any accident due to any type of negligence , act of mischief or human error .
  • Structural Steel -ISMC- 200 used for sturdy structure.
  • Galvanized Platforms - Long life, rust free, corrosion free & easy to clean. Minimum electric consumption -
  • Operational cost minimal as the downward movement require electrical power of 0.1Amp only.
  • Low A.M.C cost - Hydraulic system is time proven system with low maintenance cost.
  • Safety locks give an additional safety feature for avoiding fall of plat form is case of any hydraulic Failure.
  • Easy operation:- This is a very simple but highly technical systems needs a basic training to the operator.
  • Front operating penal:- Exclusively designed to ease the operation with installation in front for easy access.
  • Hazard Free Side Wall Ends - This an exclusive feature of our system which is ethically designed to avoid tyre cuts during turning in and turning out of vehicles .
The specifications are indicative and subject to change depending on site conditions and availability of suitable dimensions. Drawings approved by both the supplier & the Purchaser/Authorized person would only be deemed final and applicable for production.