Multi Level/ Automatic Car Parking Systems

Pellet System is very frequently being installed in EUROPE , US ,SINGAPORE ,HONK-KONG , DUBAI , UAE where there Pis need for large number of parking lots and need a rapid parking and retrieval of vehicles . These type of parking lots have be installed in leading Hotels in Dubai & UAE beneath the ground the give them a liberty to accommodate large number of customers coming in the Hotel or the commercial malls and the park in and out is to be very fast to avoid any congestion at the place .This system is Robotically controlled and is highly sophisticated adds multiple value to the project with hassle free parking .
  • Robotically Controlled
  • Structural Steel
  • Galvanized Platforms
  • Minimum electric consumption
  • Low A.M.C cost
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Safety locks
  • Hassle Free Parking
The above specifications are indicative and subject to change depending on site conditions and availability of suitable dimensions. Drawings approved by both the Supplier & the Purchaser/Authorized person would only be deemed final and applicable for production.