Mechanical /mechanized Car Parking Systems

Circular Parking is frequently being installed in developed towns of Europe & South Korea where the land cost is rocket high and the scarcity of parking has given the people to think of this FAST parking system which adds value to the commercial or residential projects. This system is based on the principle of A Giant Wheel and needs a space of Three cars to park maximum of Twelve Cars .This system is best suited for existing down town showrooms and malls where they are having less space of parking vehicles due to high footfall .
  • Very Safe, Fast and Smart Parking
  • Structural Steel
  • Galvanized Platforms
  • Minimum electric consumption
  • Low A.M.C cost
  • Proximity Sensors
  • Safety locks
  • Easy operation
  • Front operating penal
  • Hazard Free Side Wall Ends
The above specifications are indicative and subject to change depending on site conditions and availability of suitable dimensions. Drawings approved by both the Supplier & the Purchaser/Authorized person would only be deemed final and applicable for production.