Hydraulic Car Lift/Elevators

The name of the system itself clarifies the operation and mechanism of Tthe parking lot. This system is best suited for the projects which are under the excavation stage and plan to leave a pit in their lower basement to optimize on the parking spaces . This system can also be installed in existing buildings which have got a vacant space to park their existing vehicles This system gives the liberty to increase the parking numbers thrice the numbers parked on the ground. One layer beneath the ground has upward & downward movement , one layer at the ground level has got shifting movement and the +1 level has got an up and down function . It is hassle free and can be installed easily with a low cost.
  • Structural Steel -ISMC- 150 used for sturdy structure.
  • Galvanized Platforms - Long life, rust free, corrosion free & easy to clean.
  • Minimum Electric Consumption - Operational cost minimal as the downward movement does not required electrical power.
  • Low A.M.C cost as hydraulic system is time proven system with low maintenance cost.
  • Limit switch avoid and rule out any accident at site by isolating the system for any type of movement till the floor is clear.
  • Safety locks give an additional safety feature for avoiding fall of plat form is case of any hydraulic failure.
  • 24X7 consumer complaint center.
  • Easy operation:- Simple but a highly technical system needs a basic training to the operator.
  • Operating:-PLC controlled Lift easy to operate.
The specifications are indicative and subject to change depending on site conditions and availability of suitable dimensions. Drawings approved by both the supplier & the Purchaser/Authorized person would only be deemed final and applicable for production.